Where, When and Other Practical Information

Sociological Surveys of Public Opinion in Southeast Europe: Cross-National Comparative Studies 

August 31 – September 2, 2007

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work

Babes-Bolyai University,

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The conference proceedings took place at Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Kogalniceanu Street No. 1The university is located in the historical center of the city, at the corner of Universitatii street with Kogalniceanu street.


Pandurilor Street No.7
Tel: + 40 264 429786
fax: + 40 264 429793

The best way to go to the hotel from the airport or train station is to
take a taxi:

Here are some established cab compaies in Cluj-Napoca:

Diesel Taxi – Tel. 953
Terra Fan – Tel. 941
Nova Taxi
Rapid Taxi

Participants should be aware: do NOT get into cars that say just “taxi”
(i.e. no company name on the car), and which do not have registration

The cost is 1.3 LEI/km; the fare from the airport to the hotel
should be of max. 20 lei (approx. 8 -10 USD), while from the train station
it is max. 10 lei (5 USD).

Please make sure you take a licensed taxi – ask at the
information desk about the appropriate ones, and ask for the meter to be
turned on (in Romanian, meter = apparatul de taxat), as well as for receipt (receipt =  chitanta).  A phrase to use is, “Va rog, chitanta” (vuh rog kee-tahn-tzah). 

Quick Links

About Cluj, Part I

About Cluj, Part II

Map of Cluj

From Cluj4all.com, a Dynamic Map of Cluj

Weather in Cluj

Airport in Cluj

Public Transportation in Cluj

Speaking in Romanian (phrases), Part I

Speaking in Romanian (phrases), Part II

Common Phrases

yes:  da
no:  nu
hello: buna ziua
goodbye:  la revedere
welcome: bine aţi venit
thanks: mulţumesc
please: vă rog

Common Words for Food and Drink:

beef:  carne de vacă
beer:  bere
bread:  păine
chicken: pui, găină
food: mâncare
fish:  peşte
fruit:  fruct
meat: carne
milk:  lapte
pork: carne de porc
vegetables:  legume
water: apă
wine: vin


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